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A Guide to Choose Bowling Balls for Beginners

Many people think that beginner bowlers don’t need their own new bowling balls. Using the house balls will be enough because beginners still cannot do the difficult bowling techniques.

It is true that as a first time bowler, you will have plenty of things to learn. But this is actually the reason why you should purchase your own bowling ball. With a ball that is specially made for you, you definitely can practice better. Just make sure to get a good beginner ball with these following qualities.

Pay Attention to the Weight

Weight always becomes the main concern when it comes to choosing a bowling ball for beginner. But actually, there is no specific rule that you should follow. You simply need to choose a ball that you are sure you can handle well.

You can try going to a bowling alley and then try lifting and throwing balls with different weight. Once you have found the perfect ball, you can purchase a custom ball with that weight.

It is also okay to go one or two pounds heavier than the ball you try at the alley. This is because when the grip has been adjusted with your fingers, the ball will feel lighter.

Go with Plastic

It is not a secret that plastic is not the best material for bowling ball, but it is the best for beginner. It is very light and a more slippery. So, it is not good to practice hook and it cannot hit the ball hard. However, since it is easier to control, you can polish your aiming technique.

Keep practicing with beginner ball until you master the art of throwing straight. If you practice diligently, it won’t be long until you are ready to master other techniques. Once you think you want to learn to hook the ball, you can consider buying new bowling balls.